Discography + Biography

Actually, AX11 had started as a VJ project in early 2005. Originally "AX11" stood for "automation X11" but was shortened down to AX11 as I did not want to appear with the longest name on the flyer at my first gig as a VJ. Having played guitars, bass and percussions for quite a few years in quite a number of bands -and some early Techno projects during the early 1990s- inspired by the rich electronic music scene in Berlin, I soon dived deeper and more seriously into electronic music production between VJ sets.

AX11: Killing The Jury (2015)

Tracks by AX11 also found use in software demos, arts projects, video games, industry presentations and international movie productions all over the world.

In 2015, the track "Addict" from "Leviathan" made it into the soundtrack of Italian cinema production "Mi chiamo Maya". It also was to be found in a prominent place in the movie's official trailer:


Having been around as a VJ for quite a few years on events of all sizes, music production began to move more and more to the foreground. Hard- and software increasingly proved to be reliable, powerful and mature enough to perform  live in real time, using reasonably dimensioned -and priced- equipment without facing poor sound quality or being limited to strictly by apps that were designed for recording only. After an initially steep and sometimes painful learning curve with many different set-ups, a bazillion of different audio-cards (some almost perfect, others even kicking the bucket on the set), hard- and softsynths, racks, controllers, operating systems (including Linux and even Solaris), philosophies, rants&profanities, draw backs and, at scarce occasions, even tiny sparks of success, AX11 now mainly stands for live performed, dance-floor oriented, consistant, unique and powerful Progressive Psytrance. In 2011 the "Rocket Science" release was published under the name "Cosmodrome", followed by a handful of tracks under the same handle before the idea of separating the live-act from the rest was given up in favour of the all-in-one AX11 concept.

In 2012 AX11 performed on the Sunday Dance Open Air in Berlin/Germany in September and played a two-hour live airplay at Radio Z's "Nightclub" program in Nürnberg/Germany that was broadcasted live via analog and digital terrestrial radio, the nationwide cable network and as a live stream worldwide on the internet.

AX11 - In-Ear Surgery (Live Edits/2010)

In-Ear-Surgery was recorded in May 2010 at the first of a series of live-sets mostly in southern Germany and mastered at Berlin's famous Hackerspaces C-Base's Soundlab.

AX11 - Reliable Patterns (Single/2010)

This (pre-)release and the upcoming EP (working title: "Corporate Debris") might be considered a major cesure in style by many. I rather see it as a consequent continuation of my work starting with the somewhat dark and ominous sequences from Leviathan and Doomsday Morning through The Light Side and still going on. You'll find a quite concentrated bit of this deep, progressive but more ecclectic than "Straight Psy" style in Reliable Patterns, though the latter should be seen as a decidedly slow and "lurking" track. Don't worry, there's a full load of 142+ BPM stuff in the mastering cue, waiting to be unleashed in the course of this spring's series of live sets...

AX11 - The Light Side Wins (2009)

AX11 - Doomsday Morning EP (2009)

AX11 - Leviathan EP (2008)